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Copyright Sheriff protects clients through advanced search and verification methods to reveal copyright misuse. We then warn and act against infringer's to stop them quickly and effectively.

In academia, copying another person’s work and claiming it as your own is cheating. Whilst being inspired by someone’s works and acknowledging them publicly for the inspiration is genus.

Copyright laws are around the world are very similar, artists and originators are automatically protected via civil law against others taking your work and claiming as theirs.

With these laws in place you would think that plagiarism would be uncommon, however, just about every known designer and many emerging designers have scores of imitators, mostly using their exact images and passing off as they same quality albeit at a fraction of their price which in many cases takes their sales away by confusing buyers and devaluing their brand.

The reason imitators get away with this conduct is it’s just too costly via a law firm to pursue often hundreds of them internationally and most people don’t realize how many methods can be used to get them to cease and desist.

Whilst suing them for their profits and the destruction of stock is the ultimate remedy, stopping them quickly via Copyright Sheriff’s proven and cost effective methods will protect your brand through ceasing the sale of counterfeit products.

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Copyright Sheriff is protecting a number of Fashion and Jewellery designers confidentially, some allow us to publish their details.